Make AI your expert customer support agent.

SiteGPT offers a personalized AI chatbot for customer support, tailored to your website content for precise and helpful responses. It's designed to handle the majority of support queries, improving support team productivity and ensuring 24/7 assistance.

The process includes syncing training data, installing the chatbot on your website, and refining its performance through feedback. SiteGPT’s features promises a digital clone of your customer service, easing the start of conversations, providing email summaries, enabling human escalation, capturing leads, and integrating in-app actions.

For more detailed information, visit the SiteGPT website.

SiteGPT provides a specialized AI chatbot service designed to automate and personalize customer support. It is tailored based on your website's content to offer accurate answers, enhancing user experience and support team efficiency.

The process involves syncing data from your website, installing the bot, and refining its responses through user interactions. This tool aims to streamline support by handling common queries, allowing human agents to focus on more complex issues.

For a detailed description, visit their official website.

Top five features of SiteGPT:

  1. Training & Customization: Allows importing training content and refining the chatbot with Q&A based on real chat history.
  2. Choice between AI Models: Option to use GPT-3.5 for speed or GPT-4 for depth and accuracy.
  3. Embedding and Appearance Customization: Embed the chatbot on multiple sites and personalize its appearance to match your brand.
  4. Chat Interactions: Offers features like quick prompts, chat history review, language support for 95 languages, and the ability to escalate to a human agent.
  5. Extensions for Enhanced Functionality: Includes functions for automating tasks, email summaries for insights, and integrations with other platforms.

For more detailed information, you can visit the SiteGPT Features page.

SiteGPT pricing plans:

  1. Starter: $49/month for 1 chatbot, up to 4k messages, 200 training pages, and 10 file uploads.
  2. Growth: $99/month for 2 chatbots, up to 10k messages, 2,000 training pages, and 100 file uploads.
  3. Scale: $399/month for 5 chatbots, up to 40k messages, 10,000 training pages, and 500 file uploads.
  4. Enterprise: Starting at $999/month for unlimited chatbots, messages, up to 100k training pages, and 1,000 file uploads.

Additional options include removing SiteGPT branding and purchasing extra messages.

For more details, visit the SiteGPT Pricing page.

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